Below is a list of policies and requirements for Dallas Mavericks Hoop Camp. Please read and fully understand the policies and requirements before continuing with the Dallas Mavericks Hoop Camp registration process.

  • Camper must have a signed waiver by a Parent/Guardian on file prior to participating in Hoop Camp.

  • Camper must have the $240 fee paid prior to participating in Hoop Camp.

  • Camper must be signed-in by a Parent/Guardian on the first morning of camp 

  • Campers will be released from the basketball court at 4:00 PM each day. Please make appropriate arrangements for prompt pickup.

  • Campers 18+ years of age please call 214-747-6287 for specific waiver form.

  • If registering multiple campers, please submit a waiver for EACH camper.

Waiver Must be Mailed to:

Attn: Hoop Camp

2909 Taylor St.

Dallas, TX 75226

or faxed to 214-752-3860

Printable Waiver Form
(after printing out the waiver form please scroll down and press the agree/disagree button to continue to camp registration)

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Participant's Name Must Be

Printed On First Line Below


I represent that I am the parent or guardian with legal responsibility for ____________________ (the minor "Participant"). In consideration for allowing Participant to voluntarily participate in the Dallas Mavericks Hoop Camp ("Hoop Camp") and all related activities (collectively the "Activities"), I, on behalf of myself and the Participant, the Participant's parents and family, and its or their agents, personal representatives, next of kin, heirs and assigns (collectively the "Waiving Parties") hereby release and waive any and all claims OF WHATEVER KIND OR CHARACTER, WHETHER ARISING IN CONTRACT OR IN TORT, AND INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION for negligence or gross negligence, that Waiving Parties may have AGAINST THE Released parties for personal injury, accident, disfigurement, medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, attorneys' fees, court costs or property damage resulting in whole or part from any participation in the Activities. The "Released Parties" are (i) Dallas Basketball Limited d/b/a Dallas Mavericks; (ii) the National Basketball Association; (iii) owners and lessors of any premises used to conduct the Activities; (iv) sponsors; (v) any parent, subsidiary, affiliate, predecessor, successor, or assign of the entities named or described in (i)-(iv); (vi) any current, former, or future officer, director, partner, owner, member, manager, agent, employee, representative of the entities named or described in (i)-(iv); (vii) any instructor or coach; and (viii) any other participant.

I authorize the Released Parties to obtain emergency medical treatment for Participant, including, if necessary, surgical procedures, if Participant is injured or becomes ill during the Activities, even if the Released Parties are unable to contact me. I further agree that any expenses for medical treatment received by Participant as a result of any injury or illness during the Activities is my sole responsibility. I authorize the Released Parties to use for publicity and advertising purposes, any photographs taken of Participant at the Hoops Camp.

I acknowledge that (i) the Hoop Camp involves fast-paced, physical activities and (ii) given the nature of the Hoop Camp and the number and age of the participants and the number of Hoop Camp staff, it is important that participants be able to take direction and instruction from staff and interact appropriately with others. I agree to discuss with the Hoop Camp staff in advance of the camp any physical or mental condition or other special needs that may limit or prevent the Participant from meaningfully and safely participating in the Activities or otherwise may require a reasonable accommodation or modification. Hoop Camp staff will attempt to accommodate Participants with such conditions or special needs where practicable on a case-by-case basis.

Parent or Guardian

Signature: ____________________________________                         Date:   ______________________

Printed Name:_________________________________

Emergency Phone

Number and Comments:  _________________________________________________________________

Camp Location __________________________________________________

Camp Date______________________________________________________

I certify that I have read and fully understand all of the above policies, requirements and waiver of medical release.